Helix Jump Unblocked

Helix Jump is a simple yet addictively entertaining arcade game. You control a bouncing ball as you move it endlessly down a sequence of circular levels in the game. Fall through the cracks and steer clear of the restricted areas!

Playing Helix Jump
The fundamental mechanics of Helix Jump are simple to understand. Developing your reflexes and scanning the horizon are crucial. Rotate the platforms such that the ball is in line with the cracks to direct the bouncing ball. Put these moves together quickly for a combo move and more points. You become unbeatable during the next bounce if you quickly complete three stages.

Helix Jump: The First
The Helix Jump video game created by Voodoo is this one. The game first became available for mobile devices in 2018 and quickly became popular. You can now play this compulsion-inducing game for free in your web browser!