Candy Jump Unblocked

To make the candy jump, click. When the walls are the same color as your candy, you can pass through them.

Although Candy Jump's rules are quite straightforward, actually putting them into reality is far more difficult. It is pretty much universally acknowledged at Coolmath Games that Candy Jump belongs in the Crazy Hard Games playlist, which you can discover here. In this game, even reaching double digits is noteworthy.

Players who want to succeed in this game must have exceptional timing and attentiveness. Don't be fooled by Candy Jump's sweet name and vibrant colors, which can make it seem like a childish and entertaining game. This game is designed to be challenging and to make you want to rip your hair out.

Candy Jump may be an anxious game with near misses at every curve. Don't get alarmed if your Candy occasionally almost jumps into the incorrect hue during gameplay. Just maintain your composure and carry on as if nothing occurred. Worrying about what almost occurred is pointless; instead, focus on the present and perform your best work.

Candy Jump is a rhythm game that demands assurance and a certain cadence. Your scores will significantly increase if you can find your flow and maintain your motions smooth. It will probably take you some time before you feel secure enough in Candy Jump to enter the zone. This is easier said than done.